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Downsized but not out, Sunday Telegraph 7 November 2021

Moving to a new garden for later life doesn’t mean you have to lose out on style.

Aquaponics and tree planting in The Highlands, Sunday Telegraph, 22 August 2021

Paul Lister’s ambitions to reforest 23,000 acres at Alladale and make it self-sufficient in food (well, as much as possible). The cows are there to work the ground, rather than end up on the plate


Tom Stuart-Smith’s garden for Pierre Lagrange, Country Homes & Interiors, September 2021

A garden geared towards autumn and winter, to look at its best during the shooting season

How to encourage wildlife to the garden, Sunday Times 25 July 2021

A garden is for sharing!

Graeme Black, creative director turned artist and tree planter, May 30, 2021

From fashion to forestry: Graeme Black has left the glamorous world of fashion and moved to the Yorkshire Dales, where he and his husband are creating a wonderful woodland around their Georgian house.

The historic gardens at Armadale Castle, Skye, May 12 Country Life

What fun it was to go to Skye just before the November 2020 lockdown to do this piece on a gem of a garden, tucked into a shelter belt and full of special trees.

Chrissie Rucker’s (nearly) all-white garden, House & Garden, June issue 2021

Another hot day, another road trip to see the garden belonging to The White Company founder and her husband Nick Wheeler. Photos by Chris Everard bring back that lovely refreshing feeling of stepping into the shade along that beautiful path.

Upton Wold for House & Garden, May issue 2021

The results of a visit to the Cotswolds on a boiling hot day last summer. Writing for a glossy is always a bit seasonally out of sync, but imagination, some background from the owner and beautiful pictures by Britt Willoughby Dyer sure do help.

3 March 2021

The low-slung charms of the sausage dog

Mitzi und Heidi were delighted to be featured on the front page of The Daily Telegraph’s Saturday section, shouting out for the wonders of the sausage dog. What is there not to like? They may be small but they have a BIG VOICE

Reviews of Dachshunds: the Long and the Short of Them

“Perfect present for anyone who has ever smiled at a passing sausage dog, ie everybody who isn’t actually dead. Sweet, comical and hugely cheering.”
India Knight, The Sunday Times

“Charming and informative” Ruth F, customer

“A wonderful book, with lots of fantastic photographs.. really interesting, with loads of advice on what to look for.. It is a fantastic book” The Barking Hour, Jo Good, BBC Radio London

Dog Day, October 202

Publishing in a pandemic is not great but we held a very jolly signing of my new book Dachshunds: the Long and the Short of Them in the Radic Pavilion at Hauser & Wirth Somerset in Bruton. As a (very) special concession, dogs were allowed to enter Piet Oudolf’s beautiful field of flowers behind the gallery, and we held a virtual dog show, with entries photographed and displayed. The sun shone, Mitzi und Heidi behaved perfectly, and we were delighted to welcome friends both human and canine. With thanks to all at the gallery for hosting, especially to Iwan and Manuela Wirth, whose smooth-haired miniature Yoko is one of the stars of the book, published by Pimpernel. For all those who missed it, you can buy a signed copy through this website!

Reviews of The Generous Gardener

“Easy to read and in a relaxed, chatty style, it is not difficult to imagine you are eavesdropping on a private conversation, with interviewees comfortable enough to reveal a few secrets and provide insightful quotes about their personality….. An absorbing and entertaining book” Matthew Biggs, The Garden, RHS magazine

“These very personal encounters, each rendered in little more than a thousand words, like miniature paintings, tell us so much” David Wheeler, Hortus magazine

“The book.. references Caroline’s thoughtful and conversational interviews. Teasing out the gardens’ stories and the way the owners enjoy their own private space, so that we can all step through these garden gates, seems effortless. Caroline describes them all, however well known, simply as people who love their gardens and that is clear in her telling of these tales: everyone is equal, whether they have diamond-handled trowels or not.

“It feels very comfortable walking and talking with Caroline: even though many of the owners are well known, she introduces them afresh, offering just enough information to make us feel that we know them more than we really do. Hers is a delicate brushstroke that fleshes them out and leads into a gentle riff that explains what the garden means to them” Garden Post blog

“Caroline Donald’s stories, in words and pictures of more than 40 private gardens, bring the joy of gardening and the generosity of spirit, to me the hallmark of every gardener, to the fore in an interesting and captivating book…..
An accomplished journalist takes you along with them in an easy and informative manner and this is one of the strengths of The Generous Gardener” The Reckless Gardener blog

“Her interviewees are famous, landed or lauded, but you get the impression Donald is unbowed by, almost uninterested in, their status…. The author captures their essence quickly, in lively prose” Stephanie Mahon, Gardens Illustrated

“There are things to enjoy in this book, in particular the unpretentious keenness of Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton, the Lancastrian self-restraint of Sir Harrison Birtwistle and the old-school charm of the late Lord Carrington. I am glad I now know that the late Sir Henry Cecil, planted rugosa roses round the fillies’ yard, because they liked eating the hips” Ursula Buchan, Spectator

“It’s cold and rainy outside. You could choose to stay inside and focus on other people’s gardens, hoping to gain inspiration for a new look for your backyard. A perfect source of ideas is The Generous Gardener: Private Paradises Shared by Caroline Donald.” Stephen Anderton, The Times

“..talking sympathetically to people ranging from Harrison Birtwistle to Kelly Brook” David Sexton, Evening Standard

“any garden voyeur will have a good time” Mary Keen, The Telegraph